The social intranet

Intrapages is a web based social application with tons of capabilities

Intrapages is built using The latest web technologies such as html5. JavaScript and Ajax. For backend data Java, server side JavaScript and JSF is used.

Each instance of Intrapages you setup can contain up to 64GB of data and millions of records. The design is built into the database so there is not need to setup any additional databases

Intrapages is optimized for good performance and scalability. Check out our recommended performance setting on your server to keep it fast.

We label Intrapages an intranet. But it is much more than that. Because it is not restricted to the users you have in your directory. The social login capabilities in Intrapages can grant any users from Domino, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or active directory to login to Intrapages. This means that you can easily setup an extranet where your internal users and customers can share information in the same application without any need to setup complex cross certificates between organizations.

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Getting started

  • Place your order for latest version and support
  • Download the template using the link provided by us.
  • Sign the template using an ID file allowed to run XPages
  • Create a new Intrapages application based on the template and add to your server
  • Open the application using a Notes client and create your first user
  • Open a web browser and go to the url for your server
  • Optional: Add more instances of Intrapages to your server using the template


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  • Social and corporate logins.
  • Directory and user profiles. All users get their own profile and can update it. Add photos, interest, skills and other.
  • News stream with comments and likes. Share webpages. videos, photos, icons and text. Also people profiles can be included.
  • Activity stream. Don't miss what others are doing. The activity stream allow you to easily follow along without browsing around the whole site.
  • Announcements can be created and pushed to users so they are alerted when entering the site. Announcements also supports unread
  • Events, Absence and Booking are different apps withing the application and are quite similar in the way they all present the data in a nice calendar. Allowing users to get an nice overview of all the events created.
  • Fulltext searching will find anything within the application. There is also a simple type-ahead search for finding beginning of data quickly.
  • Team rooms are special places within Intrapages. Each team room is moderated by the user created it and it can be hidden or open for other users. Team rooms need to be joined to see the content.
  • The File area is a library of files added to folders pretty much as a file system on you computer. You can upload up to 5 files at once and add them to the folder of your choice
  • The photo library allow you to upload up to 5 photos at the same time and optionally put them in an album. Each photo can be viewed as thumbnails or full size using the full screen image viewer
  • Intrapages is built using responsive design which means most of its feature are available using any device you use. Including a smart phone
  • In various places in Intrapages email are sent to inform users. It can be a newsletter, welcome letter for new users. When someone comment a news post or when a user receives a private message. Each users can control which email should be received in their profile.
  • Translation. Intrapages is multilingual supporting over 15 different languages and more will be added.


  • Domino 9.0.1
  • Extension Library v9
  • IBM Notes client
  • Minimum 1GB of diskspace per application
  • Modern web browser
  • ID file with access to run Xpages applications

Recommendations for best server performance

  • 1GB of memory or more
  • Quad processor
  • Data and Domino on two seperate physical discs
  • Transactional logging enabled
  • DAOS enabled